Governor Bobby Jindal ranks 13th in Iowa poll for Republican presidential nomination
Posted on 7/13/2015 3:47:00 AM.
A republican presidential nomination poll conducted by KBUR/WAA in Iowa, places Governor Bobby Jindal in 13th with 2 percent from likely caucus goers . Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker leads with 18 percent.

Robin Johnson ,with KBUR, says because he just announced a couple of weeks ago, it's a little early to judge Jindal's polling records at this point.
"Part of his strategy is to touch on social issues quite a bit to try to penetrate and get a competitive edge in this wild and crazy Republican Primary."

The Iowa caucuses on February 1st are the first of the contests for the 2016 Presidential election. Johnson says there is a lot of pressure on candidates now and Jindal needs to do something big to get more name recognition to place in the top 10 for the August debates.
"It's not just going to be enough to advertise in one state, something nationally to kind of get a vibe going. It's going to be tough with so many candidates."

Johnson says with so many candidates competing for so much of the vote, Jindal could be fighting for the evangelical vote. He says Jindal is having some success in Iowa but time is ticking.
"It's really going to be a challenge for them to break through and at this point Governor Jindal hasn't but he's going to have to do something probably a little earlier than what they had anticipated."
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