LHSAA President: Bonine has the support of a majority of the executive committee
Posted on 7/20/2016 6:43:00 PM.
Rumors are swirling the LHSAA executive committee is seeking to buyout or terminate the contract of executive director Eddie Bonine. LHSAA President Vic Bonnaffee says Bonine received a positive evaluation a couple of months ago from the executive committee.

"But, I would be foolish to sit down and tell you that when you got a 23, 24-member board that every board member is satisfied with the director," Bonnaffee said.
Bonnaffee has called a special meeting of the LHSAA executive committee for Monday.
Bonine is expected to discuss a report he presented to the NFHS convention last month, where he described high school sports in Louisiana as a "dumpster fire," because of the growing split between public and private schools. Bonnaffee admits that statement rubbed some committee members the wrong way.
"We probably have some individuals who are in disagreement with Mr. Bonine in the way he does things that's only natural," Bonnaffee said. "But I do believe he has majority of the support of the executive committee." 
Monday's meeting will give Bonine a chance to explain himself and the controversial statement he made. 
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