Burger King introduces hot dogs to their menu
Posted on 2/11/2016 5:15:00 AM.

The fast food chain Burger King announces they’ll add hot dogs to their menu starting February 23rd. LSU Marketing Professor Dan Rice says McDonald’s just went to all day breakfast and this is Burger King’s way of opening a new market.

“They’re trying not so much to focus on offering in the breakfast terms but compete in another way to expand their sales by saying ‘you’re already here, what better goes with a burger than a grilled dog?’”

Fast food chain Sonic also sells hot dogs, but they have a lot of varieties. Rice says Burger King decided to only offer the classic grilled hot dog and the chili cheese dog. 

“They’re hoping that those will be big sale items. They had considered going with multiple product offerings but found in the test markets that maybe those just didn’t react they thought they did.”

Rice says t remains to be seen how well the hot dogs will do, but Burger King is calling it their biggest launch since the chicken sandwich in the 70s.

“The test markets in some of the big cities they had last year seemed to be pretty positive. So, they’re hopeful that for this launch it’s a pretty good sized segment.”

Burger King, hot dogs, Dan Rice

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