Caddo Parish leaders vote to remove Confederate monument; lawsuit filed
Posted on 10/20/2017 11:01:00 PM.

The Caddo Parish Commission has voted seven to five to remove a Confederate monument that has stood in front of the courthouse for 111 years. Commissioner Louis Johnson voted in favor of removal. Johnson says he cast his vote based on his constituent’s feelings.

"The more exposed that I got to the issue itself, the more concern that I understood as it related to what it represented itself and what the courthouse is designed to represent", Johnson said.

A motion was made to put the issue up for a public vote, but that recommendation was voted down. Gulf Coast Patriot Network’s Rex Dukes is upset the public is not being allowed to make the decision on keeping or removing the statue.

"Basically they're saying they're above the citizenry.  That's a form of tyranny.  And that's exactly what we have in Caddo Parish when it comes to the council", Dukes said.
Dukes claims the Parish Council forced the vote through, not taking into account how others living outside of Shreveport felt about the issue. He says the majority no longer rules.
"Only a small minority wanted it removed and that was the black minority.  As usual, the minorities always get their way anymore", Dukes said.

Dukes says a federal lawsuit has been filed to stop the removal of the monument, something Johnson and the full council expects. Johnson says he can’t control the courts. He needs just to make sure the will of the people is accomplished.

"That is not an area of the process that I can control. My role is not to litigate.  My role is to simply identify the majority of my district to try to represent them with respect and integrity," Dukes said.
The lawsuit was filed by the Shreveport Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which owns the monument and they claim the statute is on private property.  
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