Caddo Sheriff concerned criminal justice reform laws will release dangerous felons next month
Posted on 10/5/2017 12:07:00 PM.

Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator is extremely concerned that criminal justice reform measures passed during the last legislative session will allow for the release of some extremely dangerous criminals in November. Prator says 192 felons will be released early from prison next month in Caddo Parish. He says Louisiana does need some reform but,

“But certainly we need to take our time and do like some of the other states and have some programs to work on rehabilitation before we just open the gates and flood the streets with some of these people who don’t need to be out.”

During a news conference in Shreveport today, Prator gave examples of the kind of inmates that will be set free next month as a result of the state’s new sentencing laws. The Sheriff says he knows of one prisoner who will be let out seven years early who should not be out on the streets.

“This first man, not a gentleman, this criminal has been arrested 52 times, under 34 different aliases. He was arrested for second degree murder and pled to manslaughter.”

The goal of the criminal justice reform is to reduce the state’s incarceration rate, to lower inmate costs and use the savings to fund more rehabilitation programs. Prator says he is compassionate and believes reformed criminals should be given a second chance and deserve to be released early if they are changed.

“If somebody works for it, if somebody earns it, if somebody is accountable for what they do but we’ve got numerous people in here on parole that just continue to screw up and continue to take money from you and continue to hurt you and your kids.”

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