Cajun Navy set to perform rescues and cook for first responders in the Carolinas
Posted on 9/13/2018 7:38:00 AM.
Hurricane Florence is expected to produce life-threatening storm surge and rainfall when it makes landfall in North Carolina and the Cajun Navy will be there to help with rescues. United Cajun Navy founder Todd Terrell says 67 volunteers left Baton Rouge armed with boats and emergency supplies.

"We just got a good system of volunteers and everybody wants to do their part and chip in," said Terrell. 
Terrell says the group will work with area first responders, assisting in water rescues for those that did not get out of Florence’s path. 
"We are getting together with the local police and fire departments, so we know where historically the flooding is," said Terrell. 
Terrell says although the group is known for its water rescues, it does so much more during emergencies.
"We do supplies, water, we do catering for the first responders, this is more than just water rescues," said Terrell. 
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