Cajun Navy heads to Texas to assist with rescue efforts
Posted on 8/29/2017 2:51:00 AM.

Louisianans are heading to Texas in droves to assist with the ongoing rescue efforts. The Cajun Navy is assisting in the massive search and rescue efforts to help those stranded in homes and on rooftops. Baton Rouge Congressman Garret Graves says the generosity of the community is unbelievable.

“What’s incredible is that a number of people that have been here already aren’t even back in their homes from the August flood of last year. So these are people that are just incredible in regard to their generosity and selflessness,” Graves said.

Graves says the people flocking to Texas have been through this before, as many of the rescuers were disaster victims themselves just one year ago. He says they know what supplies are needed, and they’ll be able to hit the ground running once they reach the affected areas.

“This is going to be a lean mean crowd of folks that are ready to go do some great rescues and helping out in shelters. They even have the ability to cook for probably over a thousand people a day right now and going to have more building up over the next few days,” Graves said.

Graves encourages those who wish to help to check the Cajun Navy 2016 Facebook page for an updated list of needs. He says they are accepting donations of bottled water and other emergency supplies.

“Things like protein bars to sustain some of the rescuers and the rescued. In addition, they were looking for cell phone batteries, meaning the portable battery packs so rescuers can stay in touch with people,” Graves said.

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