Centerpiece of Governor Edwards tax plan expected to be filed, possibly today
Posted on 4/17/2017 4:05:00 AM.
The centerpiece of Governor John Bel Edwards' plan to overhaul's Louisiana tax code is expected to be filed today. The measure has been referred to as a gross receipts or Commercial Activity Tax. Publisher of, Jeremy Alford, says there's very little support for this new tax on businesses.
"Start talking to lawmakers and lobbyists and try to explain a tax concept to them and if it's takes longer 10 minutes, people in that building start to feel they are going to get screwed somehow," Alford said.  
The CAT tax acts as a corporate sales tax. Any business that has sales over one-point-five million dollars, a portion of those sales are taxed. Many small business owners would be assessed a flat tax. But Alford says even members of the governor's party are not supportive.
"Key Democratic leaders in the House went and told the administration that you don't have the votes, you're losing Democrats left and right on this thing," Alford said.
Alford says the governor has struggled to drum up support for the CAT tax, because no one thought it would be up for debate in this session.
"This really came out of left field for a lot of folks," Alford said.
Once the bill is filed, it will first be heard in the GOP dominated House Ways and Means Committee.  
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