Cold weather means holiday spirits rise
Posted on 12/8/2016 1:04:00 PM.
Louisiana is seeing the coldest temperatures of the season so far and many folks are finding themselves becoming more in the holiday spirit as a result. That's according to Dr. Michelle Moore, clinical psychologist with LSU Health Sciences Center. She says you could even argue the cold weather Christmas Spirit is good for the economy.

"It gets people out shopping more," said Moore. "Hopefully our local stores will get to see that benefit this weekend while it's cold."

Moore says for kids and even grownups, since Santa lives in the North Pole, we feel closer to Ole Saint Nick when we're cold. She says there are many Christmas traditions centered around cold weather.

"I think a nice moment around Christmas and in the winter is to sit by the fireplace with hot chocolate," said Moore. "You can' really do that when it's hot and it's not as fun."

Moore says we'll even become more in the holiday spirit the colder it gets.

"I think the colder it gets, yes, and if we see a few snow flurries, then we'll really feel the Christmas spirit," Moore laughed. "I think stores will be busy this weekend and the cold weather will bring everybody inside in a good way."
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