Congress poised to approve $1.2B in federal flood aid for Louisiana
Posted on 12/7/2016 12:17:00 PM.

The US House Appropriations Committee has approved a continuing resolution that contains $1.2 billion in Community Development Block Grants for Louisiana flood relief.

The governor’s communications director Richard Carbo says they still have a long way to go, but they’re thankful for the support their seeing from Congress.

“We know homeowners need additional help to rebuild. Communities and businesses need to rebuild, and so the governor is working closely with the entire congressional delegation to get the assistance down as quickly as possible,” Carbo said.

Carbo says it’s not the full amount they’re requesting, but they’re pleased with this allocation, which will be used to help flooded homeowners. He adds that Congress should be voting on the proposal by the end of the week, which will also contain dollars to fund other flood repair projects.

“There’s also going to be additional assistance for the Army Corps of Engineers for highway and infrastructure projects, and we’re still waiting to hear from Congress what those allocations will be for Louisiana,” Carbo said.

Carbo says the governor will head back to Washington in the spring to seek the additional funding Louisiana needs for flood recovery. He says the federal government has outlined the guidelines for allocating the $438 million the state has already received, and the state is working on the plan for spending the money.

“We’ll return that plan to the federal government for approval. So it’s still several months away, but the process is still moving along at a record pace,” Carbo said.

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