Boustany reflects on the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Rita
Posted on 9/24/2015 1:53:00 AM.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Rita and many remember the destruction it caused only a month after Katrina. Lafayette Congressman Charles Boustany recalls the immense flooding and tornadoes that slammed into southwest Louisiana. He says the only fortunate thing that came out of this tragic event was there were no lives lost.

“Our local authorities did an outstanding job providing the kind of leadership with an organized evacuation and the recovery was very organized, as well, thanks to local leadership.”

Boustany says both Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes showed extreme resilience and entrepreneurship after the storm, which destroyed farmland and ruined crops and livestock. He says the recovery proves that after a natural disaster, the people of south Louisiana come back better than before.

“They’re determined to live and do well and prosper in Cameron Parish. We’re seeing a lot of investment coming in down there. A huge amount of opportunity.”

Boustany says they learned many lessons after Hurricane Katrina, so the response was much improved. He says coming back, they built stronger and developed a better understanding of storm surge to better prepare for future natural disasters.

“But in the aftermath we’ve gotten additional money coming in to step up our efforts in coastal restoration because as we restore the coast we actually make our coast more resilient to hurricane damage.”

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