Middle finger Christmas light display is back up in Denham Springs
Posted on 12/11/2013 7:19:00 PM.
The woman who last year won the case regarding her first amendment right to display a middle finger in Christmas lights on the roof of her Denham Springs home is back at it again this year.

Sarah Childs claims she is continuously harassed by a neighbor, Kayla Weldon, so this is the way she is choosing to express her anger.
"You know lots of people just resort to violence," says Childs. "Look at road rage, people flip each other off all the time. I really don't see what the big deal is."

This incident sparked national media attention last year when law enforcement officials forced Childs to remove the lights, but later the ACLU stepped in and sued the city.

Denham Springs eventually dropped the matter.

Weldon accuses Childs of putting the lights up on the roof of her Starlite Drive home for the attention and says it's angered and offended every single person in their neighborhood.

"She's crazy! She thinks she's going to get famous from all of this crap," Weldon said.

Childs says the feud between she and Weldon is extremely intense and she feels "the bird" is an appropriate expression.

"I'm not doing this for publicity," says Childs. "What other way do I have to express my angst? People have feelings and emotions. And she's still slandering me all over Facebook."

Weldon says Childs' home is currently empty; she doesn't live there anymore.

"And she's putting another finger on the roof? Are you serious? She's only coming over here to antagonize me and bring up old sh*t," says Weldon. "She just wants attention. That's all this is about."

Childs says the house is half hers and she plans to keep the display up.

Weldon says the argument between them was initially ignited because Childs accused her of stealing her dog, a claim she vehemently denies.

An earlier middle finger display was cut down and destroyed according to Childs, an act which Weldon says she was accused of doing.

"She can accuse me of getting up there and cutting her lights down all she wants but that's definitely not the case. I didn't climb my ass on no roof and cut her lights down," Weldon said. "There are plenty of other people in the neighborhood who can't stand it."
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