CSRA opens call center to help Harvey victims
Posted on 9/8/2017 2:53:00 AM.
In the coming weeks and months, Harvey victims will need help navigating the red tape to getting federal aid, and Louisianans are coming to the rescue. CSRA was enlisted by the feds to establish a call center for helping disaster victims. Spokesperson Mimi Hedgcock says 500 of those call agents will be based in Bossier City.

“Basically anybody can call these numbers, and we will take the information, enter the data, and then set them on the right course towards the assistance that they need within FEMA,” Hedgcock said.

A $95 million grant will fund the temporary call center. Hedgcock says CSRA hosted a job fair at the Bossier City location to fill the part-time and full-time positions. She says they were shocked at the incredible turnout.

“We did have over 500 people identified for those positions, and we are still taking applications. We will take as many positions as we can here in Bossier City, Louisiana,” Hedgcock said.

Hedgcock says the call center will open early next week after the new agents receive the proper training. She says this facility will be vitally important to affected families who are trying to put their lives back together.

“We need people that are willing and able to answer the call, to listen to what those people need, and to set them on the right direction so they can get that disaster assistance as soon as possible,” Hedgcock said.

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