Democrats give their view on the legislative session
Posted on 3/10/2014 5:48:00 PM.
The chairwoman of the Louisiana democratic party  blasts what Governor Jindal has done in office after he gave an address to lawmakers touting the need for more skilled workers. Karen Peterson says the state  would be able to produce more grads, if Jindal had not cut funding for education in recent years.
"The investments have not been made in the last six years of this administration in K-12 education as it should have been. Neither has
 in higher education, in fact we have decimated higher education under this administration."
Peterson says if the governor truly wants to improve this state, it would help if he was around to help pass some meaningful legislation.
"I suggest that he stay home and not be so much of a "roads scholar" r-o-a-d-s, roll up his sleeves and do the work of the people of this state."


Karen Peterson, Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Democratic Party

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