Depression can worsen during winter
Posted on 12/22/2014 12:05:00 PM.
Now that winter has officially begun, lots of folks may start experiencing Holiday Blues. Michele Many (Main-EEE), a clinical social worker with the LSU Department of Psychiatry says it's very common to become depressed during the Christmas season. She says this happens, in part, because we're getting less UV exposure due to the shorter winter days.

"So we have a lot less sunlight on our skin giving us Vitamin D and a lot less light hitting our retinas," said Many. "We feel better when we have more of it."

Many says if there have been some losses during the year, Christmas can be a painful reminder that a person isn't here with us. She also says other people may have sadness around the fact that they don't get a long with certain family members or relationships are a little strained.

"During the Holidays we tend to idealize other people and think everyone is perfect and happy and we should be the same way," said Many.

Many says one of the best ways you can battle the "bah humbugs" is to take care of yourself physically and try not set standards that are impossible to live up to. She says the Holidays are a prime time people develop impractical views about what our life should look like.

"And what our relationships should be like," said Many. "So we get sad and feel like we aren't meeting that unrealistic expectation."
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