DeQuincy Mayor brushing off fake article claiming they've legalized polygamy
Posted on 3/17/2015 11:41:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
The Mayor of Dequincy says he's not concerned about a fake news site once again targeting the city with an article claiming they've passed some ridiculous law. This time "The News Examiner" says polygamy is now legal in DeQuincy. Mayor Lawrence Henagan says if anyone truly reads these articles you would easily be able to tell that they aren't real.

"We don't have counties in Louisiana, we have parishes," said Henagan. "The name he mentions for the mayor of the town is also fictitious...there is nobody with that name around here."

Henagan says on one hand it's free publicity for the town, but on the other hand this is getting old and he wishes the writer would find someone else to pick on. He says it's the same guy who has been writing the phony columns.

"One time we supposedly had out arrest warrants and 'shoot on site' of any Koreans," said Henagan. "He wrote that we were supplying all of our kids in school with handguns."

Henagan says other articles in the past have claimed that the city was being attacked by gay zombies on bath salts and that officials had banned twerking. He says he would like to invite the man who is writing these stories to visit the Calcasieu Parish town.

"If he really wants to see what DeQuincy is made of, send him here the second weekend in April to the railroad days festival that we have."

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