Destrehan football coaches suspended for spying on an opponent
Posted on 10/30/2013 5:44:00 PM.
The LHSAA suspends five assistant football coaches from Destrehan for hacking into a website that allowed them to see video of closed practices for South Lafourche High School. Destrehan has also forfeited its victory over South Lafourche as part of the ruling.

The website is And high school teams use it to store information online such as playbooks and practice film. The suspended Destrehan coaches used an unauthorized log-in to gain information on their opponent.
South LaFourche Principal Gaye Cheramie says it seemed like Destrehan knew what plays they were running, before the ball was snapped. 
"So Friday evening and Saturday as the coaches broke down tape, it became very evident and obvious."
Cheramie believes the ruling is fair for all parties involved.
Four of the five suspended coaches will miss the final two games of the regular season. One of the coaches, Ryan Fournier, has been suspended for the regular season and the playoffs. Fournier and his girlfriend Emily Guidry have also been charged by the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's office with Offenses Against Intellectual Property. 

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