Domestic violence victims can soon get temporary concealed carry permits
Posted on 6/16/2016 11:58:00 AM.

Domestic violence victims with active restraining orders will soon be able to get expedited temporary concealed carry permits under a bill that’s been signed into law. Baton Rouge concealed carry instructor Wade Duty says the wait to get into a concealed carry training course can be over a month.

“Typically our classes book full 6 to 8 weeks in advance, and that is common with what we see with some other instructors as well,” Duty said.

The new law goes into effect August 1. Duty says more and more people are seeking these permits, which is why the classes stay booked.

“The popularity of the permits has dramatically increased in the last four or five years,” Duty said.

Duty says these victims will have access to temporary permits, but they will still have to undergo background checks. He says once this permit expires they will have to take a training class and get a regular permit.

“It moves them to the front of the line for processing, and it gives them an interim permit that’s valid only for 45 days. Regardless of anything else, at the end of 45 days, that temporary permit expires,” Duty said.

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