Bill to prevent drones from taking pictures of private property will be discussed today by Senate committee
Posted on 4/8/2014 2:24:00 AM.
A state senate committee is expected to hear legislation today that will prohibit the use of drones from taking pictures of private property. Baton Rouge senator Dan Claitor says he wants Louisiana laws to keep up with technology and promote privacy.

"What it is basically is a radio controlled helicopter for peeking into people's backyards or back windows or picking up their internet signals. That is not regulated right now but it is regulated in other states," Claitor says.

Claitor says this is a fourth amendment issue because everyone has the right to privacy from their neighbors and the government. He says some of these drones or unmanned aircrafts, also can tap into wifi signals.

"There is also the capability  to grab your wifi signal with that as well and so I don't want drones grabbing people's wifi signals and snooping around on their computer either," Claitor says.
Claitor says the bill will not impact the use of drones for law enforcement purposes that help with crime scene investigations. He says the proposed law will not affect public property or stop people from doing everyday things they currently can.
"Ordinarily you wouldn't be able to walk into somebody's backyard and look in their back window or take a look in their backyard if they had a fence but with a drone you can do that. So I'm trying to put some regulation on that," Claitor says.
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