Is Coach "O" a lock for LSU if the Tigers beat Bama Saturday night?
Posted on 11/3/2016 1:42:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
Many are asking about what the future would look like for LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron if the Tigers beat an undefeated Alabama team this weekend. Orgeron moved into the spot following the firing of Les Miles in September, and hasn’t lost a game since.

Matt Mascona from ESPN 1045/1049 radio in Baton Rouge on his thoughts about Coach “O".

"For a program that expects to be competing for championships every year, Alabama is standing in the way," said Mascona. "And as long as you can't beat Alabama you're not winning a championship. If Ed Orgeron proves he can beat Alabama, he may just be the guy."

Mascona says Orgeron has aced every test he’s been given since he took over the team, and even if LSU loses Saturday == Athletic Director Joe Alleva would still have to consider keeping “Coach O” long term.

He believes the Purple and Gold Nation is embracing this man with a Cajun accent from South LaFourche Parish.

"There's very much a feeling of 'He's one of us,' among LSU fans," said Mascona. "But ultimately winning is the most important component there. And he's done that so far and if he can keep doing it then it makes the decision that much easier."

Mascona says he absolutely believes that if LSU beats Alabama on Saturday, Coach O will remain head coach of the Tigers. But he says if they lose, Orgeron will not be removed from contention.

"This is an Alabama team that's won 20 straight games," said Mascona. "They are pile driving people. There is no shame in losing on Saturday. Disappointment, yes. Shame? Absolutely not."
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