Governor Edwards talks with legislative leadership in an effort to solve the fiscal cliff
Posted on 2/27/2018 2:03:00 PM.
It’s unclear if legislators will find a solution to a looming one billion dollar budget deficit before the special session ends next Wednesday. Governor John Bel Edwards is meeting with legislative leadership and remains optimistic a deal can be struck. 

“I’ll remain committed to working this process through, fixing the cliff, on a bi-partisan basis, which is going to require compromise. We’ve always said that.”

The full House is expected to try again tomorrow to pass revenue generating bills that can close the looming budget gap. If an agreement can’t be reached, a special session may be needed in June to pass a budget. Edwards wants to avoid another special session.

”And if we wait ‘til then it’s going to cause extreme turbulence across the state of Louisiana, a lot of pain for people who are on TOPS, parents of kids who are on TOPS… partner hospitals wondering if they will be funded at all.”

There was a lot of finger pointing when the House was in session yesterday. Edwards says a compromise can be reached, if everyone can work together.

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