Governor Edwards and AG Commissioner Mike Strain traveling state to conduct a listening tour
Posted on 11/13/2017 1:44:00 PM.
Governor Edwards and Louisiana Ag Commissioner Mike Strain will start a listening tour across several rural communities tomorrow. The tour will allow members of the agricultural community an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss their concerns. Strain says they want to know the challenges farmers face.
"Together we can then divise a game plan as you would say and then try to facilitate into growing our economy and growing our agriculture."
Strain says it’s important he and Governor Edwards get in front of the farmers throughout the Bayou State and address their concerns since they are a large part of our economy.
"Ag is over 13-billion-dollars in Louisiana.  We export over 8.3-billion-dollars.  It's the largest industry.  275,000 people are employed."

Last year, the Governor and Strain traveled to Cuba on a trade mission, seeking greater economic and cultural exchanges. Louisiana has ranked first in trade with Cuba for several years. Strain says in order to serve countries better, he hopes to get a lot of input on what is needed at home to further expand international trade.

"How we can invest in our highways and our rails and our waterways.  How we can further work to export things.  How we can facilitate with roads and bridges and other infrastructure."  
Governor John Bel Edwards, Mike Strain, Louisiana Ag economy

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