Gov Edwards updates Senator-elect Kennedy on flood recovery aid
Posted on 12/13/2016 11:58:00 AM.

Governor John Bel Edwards has sent a letter to Senator-elect John Kennedy to bring him up to speed on the efforts to get more federal aid for flood recovery. The letter comes after Kennedy told USA today that the governor hasn’t done enough to secure federal funding. Edwards’ Communications Director, Richard Carbo, says Kennedy’s statements just weren’t based in reality.

“We understand that he’s been on the campaign trail for about two years now and hasn’t really been paying attention to the efforts that have been going on in this state. So the governor offered some clarification to his remarks,” Carbo said.

Carbo says the governor has worked closely with the state’s congressional delegation to secure as much funding as they can as quickly as possible. He adds that the first round of aid was approved with unprecedented speed. But he says they understand Kennedy is new to this.

“This is a new role for him. He’ll get into office and understand how closely how closely the governor and the delegation work on a number of issues, not just flood recovery,” Carbo said.

Carbo says the letter outlined the efforts made by the administration, as well as the process by which federal funds are approved. He says they will be working closely with Kennedy on flood recovery and a number of other issues when the now-State Treasurer takes his new office next year.

“The governor’s offered to sit down with him next week and go line by line and outline what our recovery plan is. We’re looking forward to that meeting, and honestly the governor’s looking forward to working with him,” Carbo said.

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