Gov Edwards: We are transitioning into recovery very quickly
Posted on 8/18/2016 3:39:00 PM.

Flood relief efforts continue throughout south Louisiana. Governor John Bel Edwards says we are transitioning into recovery very quickly. He says disaster food stamps will be available in 7 of the affected parishes starting Monday.

“Those offices will be open for six weeks, and over the next three weeks, we will be in all 20 of the parishes that are declared. Each parish will be for a week,” Edwards said.

At least 13 people have died as a result of the historic flooding. Over 40,000 homes have been affected and 30,000 people were rescued.

The governor says crews are now going door to door searching homes and vehicles in badly flooded areas to see if anyone else needs help.

“Of the first 800 homes that we searched yesterday in Livingston parish, more than 30 homes had people who had yet been assisted,” Edwards said.

Edwards says they are still working on a plan for housing people who have been displaced. He says they first have to figure out how many people need housing and where they are.

“When we have a better feel, we will know whether and how many manufactured housing units to order and what the rental capacity is, which changed because we have a lot of people in hotels today,” Edwards said.

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