Entergy Customers in Southeast Louisiana See Big Bill from False Meter Readings
Posted on 10/11/2018 1:33:00 PM.

A meter reader for Entergy has been fired after falsifying meter readings and now about 4,000 Entergy customers in southeast Louisiana are experiencing sticker shock with their latest bills.

Entergy Vice President of Distribution Melonie Stewart says because the reader was falsifying the readings on the low side for months, the corrected bills are catching some customers off guard.
"Because it was the summer months when for most of us we're running our air conditions, the weather has been extremely hot, those catch-up bills ended up being several times the normal bill," says Stewart.

Stewart says after a rereading of the meters, they have the most accurate measure of the energy used by customers.

"We are only billing customers for the energy they used," said Stewart.

And she says they are giving customers many months to pay the heavy bill.

"We're working individually with each customer on a payment plan that's right for them," says Stewart.

Stewart says there is no word on the meter reader's motivation in the falsified readings.

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