Poltical ads to ramp up with only 15 days left until the election
Posted on 10/24/2016 3:04:00 AM.

With only 15 days before the U.S. Senate election in Louisiana, we’ll likely hear a lot more from the major candidates. Lapolitics.com publisher Jeremy Alford says get ready to see and hear radio and TV campaign advertisements and a fair share of attack ads from third party groups.

He says John Kennedy has the biggest target on his back, because he’s considered the Republican front-runner.

“He’s in full on piñata status and he’s stacked full of votes and especially on the Republican side, everybody is grabbing a stick.”

A recent statewide poll showed Kennedy and Democrat Foster Campbell are in good position to claim the two run-off spots. Alford says in order for the other candidates to catch-up, they’ll likely have to go negative.

“Getting into the silly season now, we’re going to see a lot these negative ads. I think the race is going to just have to take on a darker tone for some folks who are hoping to break out.”

The Presidential and Senate race are the top two races in the state. But Alford says voters will also start to hear more about other races in their area.

“If you live in Acadiana, the 3rd Congressional District is a race that has people who are putting money on TV up in northwest Louisiana. The 4th district is on TV and the Supreme Court race in southwest Louisiana, there is a massive amount of advertising.”

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