In Fall of 2018, LSU freshman will be required to live on campus
Posted on 9/30/2017 3:13:00 AM.

Starting with the freshman class in the fall of 2018, first year LSU students are required to live on campus. Assistant Vice President for Residential Life Steve Waller says they’ve been working towards this goal for a few years because research shows students who live in a dorm their first year of college perform better in school.

“They’re more engaged and are more successful, graduate at a higher rate so that’s our rational for moving in this direction.”

Waller says many dormitory construction projects are expected to be completed by next fall so there are enough beds to accommodate the increase in freshmen staying on campus. He says there are some exemptions so not all freshmen will have to live in an on campus dorm.

“So if you live at home within 50 miles of LSU, you can be exempt from the residency requirement. We also have some other exemptions that are available like if you’re married or with dependent children.”

Students 21 years or older or have medical needs can also be exempt. Waller says it’s time LSU gave freshmen the housing capacity to live on campus.

“We’re the only public school in the state of Louisiana that doesn’t have a residency requirement. Most of our SEC peers all have a residency requirement. In a way we’re kind of late coming to the game.”

To register for housing or request an exemption visit the on-campus housing portion of the my lsu website.

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