Police: Father kills his child, found waiting calmly on his front porch
Posted on 10/17/2017 11:13:00 AM.
An 18-month-old is dead following a gruesome murder.  New Orleans Police says the father, 45-year-old Mark Hambrick told police “God made him do it.”  Police Chief Michael Harrison says Hambrick called himself into police several hours after he killed the child. 

"The call came from the resident who actually lives at that location, who told us over the phone that he had stabbed and suffocated his 18-month-old child", Harrison said.


Hambrick gave a detailed description to police of himself and the child and told them he would be found on his porch when police came on the property. Harrison says the father remained strangely calm while they arrested him…

"Because he told us he would be waiting, certainly that speaks to his mental state that we can reasonably suspect that is not normal," Harrison said.

Harrison says the exact motive is still unknown, however police say they are seeking any information about Hambrick that can help them with the investigation.

"We are searching for any and all evidence that could be related to this incident.  We're looking for anyone who has information about Mr. Hambrick to give us a call or call Crimestoppers at 822-1111", Harrison said.
Hambrick is in custody with charges to be filed later. 
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