Facebook to launch new app aimed at kids
Posted on 12/5/2017 11:41:00 AM.

Facebook plans to launch a new app for kids so they can message their friends with the approval of their parents. It’s called Messenger Kids and is aimed at children under 13 who aren’t legally allowed to have real Facebook.

LSU Mass Communications Professor Lance Porter says many kids lie and use social media platforms before they’re old enough.

“This is a way to start to really address that problem particular with kids who are under 13 using their platform.”

Messenger Kids is controlled by parents and will not let kids add their friends or delete messages without permission. Porter says this is another way to combat the new trend of dark social.

“Posting less and less publicly and less and less where their parents are and more and more in private messaging apps like Snapchat, Instagram and now Facebook Messenger.”

Porter says this new app is a way to reduce the exposure to things kids are not ready to developmentally deal with.

“We as parents really want to have more control over what our children are doing in social media and I think you’re going to see more and more applications that allow consumers to do that.”

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