Federal grant awarded to state Dept. of Education to improve struggling schools
Posted on 8/22/2017 5:41:00 AM.

A $20-million annual federal grant has been awarded to the state Department of Education to help struggling public schools.

 Assistant Education Superintendent Kunjan Narechania says schools over the next few weeks will apply for the money and those with the best plans for progress will receive the funds.

“Districts themselves are going to be building these plans along with any non-profit partners or university partners and the department will evaluate and grant money to the strongest of the plans that get submitted.”

A struggling school is defined as a school that earned a performance rating of a D or an F for the last three years and currently 225 schools in Louisiana fit this description. Narechania says districts can choose any number of interventions that they think will help support their students.

“That could include changing the curriculum to use a stronger curricula. Offering more academic counseling to students to ensure they’re taking the right courses and getting ready for their next step whether that be college or career.”

17% of Louisiana schools are eligible for this money and Narechania says many of the students that attend these schools fail to reach the mastery score on LEAP tests.

“We want all of our schools in Louisiana to be places where students have the highest levels of achievement and we want to support our schools in ensuring they’re able to get students across that line.”

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