FEMA says flood victims needing mobile home will receive one by January 31st
Posted on 12/15/2016 3:26:00 AM.

FEMA announces any flood victims awaiting a manufactured housing unit will receive one by January 31st. Deputy Federal Coordinating Officer for FEMA Tito Hernandez says 25-hundred families are currently eligible to live in a mobile home.

“We’re talking about at least 35 units a day that we need to be installing in the field.”

Currently on average, FEMA is installing 30 trailers each day. Hernandez says a lot of work goes into installing a FEMA home, which is considered a last resort when it comes to temporary housing. He says even given the criticism, they are pleased with their performance.

“We have done a lot. If you look at it $456 million in emergency home repairs and $120 million in rent, that goes to a lot.”

Hernandez says the holdup occurs when the portable homes are placed on personal property rather than in a commercial location. He says it’s been difficult to install these units in front of someone’s flood-damage home.

“When we actually go into a private site, that’s when it takes a long time. If we were actually installing on a commercial site, we would’ve been done.”

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