First day of Spring!
Posted on 3/20/2015 12:53:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
The Spring Equinox occurs later today at precisely 5:45pm our time, marking the end of winter and the very beginning of Spring. State Climatologist Barry Keim says this past winter will go into the record books as being extremely cold and dry in Louisiana.

"But looking forward, the Climate Prediction Center is calling for normal temperatures, and above normal precipitation which will be a real change from what we've experienced over the last few months," said Keim.

Keim says we can expect more precipitation over the next couple of months than we usually get because of the current El Nino.

"El Nino's tend to lead to more frontal rain in spring across the state of Louisiana," says Keim. "But could also lead to more severe rains and some of the biggest floods we've had on some of the small rivers in Louisiana."

Keim says The Bayou State has been getting a lot of rain over the past few weeks and it's setting the stage for what we can expect this spring. 

He says the good news is that the Climate Prediction Center says we should have normal temperatures throughout the season.

"That's quite a contrast from what we experienced over January and February so it'll be much much welcome," said Keim.

Keim says it would be great if the El Nino would stick around through summer because they tend to mitigate the opportunity for Hurricane activity.

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