First Lady Edwards encourages Louisiana residents to recycle
Posted on 4/22/2016 1:35:00 AM.

First Lady Donna Edwards has announced a new recycling initiative at the Governor’s Mansion in honor of Earth Day, which is today. Mrs. Edwards says she and the governor have been recycling ever since they lived in Hawaii many years ago.

“In celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to bring recycling to the mansion. John Bel and I have been recycling since 1989, so when we were in the military.”

The first lady is encouraging Louisiana residents to do their part in recycling as much trash as they can. Edwards says as an educator, it’s important to teach young kids the importance of recycling and to lead by example. She says it’s easy to start in your home or workplace.

“Teachers teaching the students and families engaging and making it a family event to recycle, it’s really easy and it becomes a habit.”

Edwards says plastic bottles, aluminum cans, most paper, and even ink cartridges are recyclable. She says we produce a lot of trash each day

“An estimated 4.4 pounds of trash per person a day, that’s a lot, a lot of trash. So, we feel like we need to do our part and encourage people across the state to do their part.”

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