Flooded homeowners asked to fill out online survey for assistance
Posted on 4/8/2017 4:34:00 PM.

Starting Monday, flood impacted homeowners will be asked to fill out a survey to see if they qualify for federal assistance. The Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Julie Baxter Payer, says this is an important first step for homeowners who were affected by the March and August 2016 floods. 

“We need to know do you still need help continuing to finish construction, or are you interested in trying to apply for some reimbursement,” Payer said.

Payer says this 15 minute survey will give the state real time information to show Congress the ongoing need for flood recovery. She encourages all homeowners to fill out the survey, whether or not they think they will qualify for assistance.

“Then you’ll be placed in various application phases, and you will receive through the program an invitation to apply when that particular phase becomes eligible,” Payer said.

Congress has approved 1.6 billion dollars in flood recovery dollars. Much of that money will be available to residents impacted by either of last year’s floods. Payer expects the federal government will make that money available in a couple of weeks. She says the federal aid will be doled out in phases, and families most in need of assistance will get help first.

“There are some federal requirements about who we need to help first. So we’re looking at low to moderate income folks, elderly and disabled, those who did not have flood insurance, and those who had major or severe damage,” Payer said.

The survey can be found online at restore.la.gov.

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