Forecasters predict a dry and warm fall season
Posted on 9/22/2016 4:45:00 AM.

Today is the start of the fall season and Louisianans can expect above average temperatures and below normal rainfall. That’s according to state climatologist Barry Keim. Keim says the basis for this forecast is due to a high probability for a La Nina.

“And when we have La Nina, we tend to be hot and dry in Louisiana as the storm tracks are usually to our north under these conditions and we miss out on a lot of the rains here in the state.”

Keim says we’re still seeing high temperatures but we just need to sit tight because fall weather is coming soon.

“Rest assured, within the next couple of weeks we’re likely to see the first significant front is going to move through here and we are going to get a plunge in those temperatures.”

Keim says Louisiana had one of the wettest summers on record in 2016 but there will be a shift in that pattern with dryer than normal conditions over the next three months.

“October is typically our driest month on average. Hopefully we’ll get some drying and that will help us in the recovery from this past devastating flood in August.”

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