Hoverboards not wanted at Louisiana universities
Posted on 1/8/2016 11:47:00 AM.

Four Louisiana universities have now banned the use of hoverboards on campus due to safety concerns. LSU, U-L Lafayette, Nicholls, and Southeastern have all decided these devices are a hazard because they have been found to burst into flames while charging and cause injuries to riders.

Rene Abadie, Southeastern Louisiana University spokesperson, says until these self-balancing scooters become more secure, they’ve decided students aren’t allowed to have them at school.

“In the interest of safety, our office of student affairs proposed a policy regarding the hoverboards. It was brought to the president’s staff and it was approved that it should be banned from the campus.”

Abadie says hoverboard batteries have been known to combust and start fires while charging, so they don’t want them in S-L-U housing units because of the fire hazard.

“You know, charging overnight or something where there is the possibility of a fire. We do allow skateboards and bicycles and things of that nature but that’s in complete control of the rider.”

Abadie says riders have also been known to fall off hoverboards and break bones or get concussions, which is an additional safety concern. He says these policies are put in place with the general interest of the safety of their students.

“Our policies are subject to be changed as things develop, certainly.”

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