Gov. Edwards signs bills to restrict where drones can fly
Posted on 6/22/2016 11:18:00 AM.

Governor John Bel Edwards has signed into law two bills that will regulate drone use in Louisiana. Baton Rouge Sen. Dan Claitor authored one of the measures and says under his bill, you could be charged with criminal trespassing if you use a drone to peep on your neighbors.

“If you accidently do it, that’s not a crime. If you’re not doing it for surveillance purposes that’s not a crime but if you’re doing it to spy on them and you’re the government or an individual, that’s prohibited.”

Claitor says there are some exceptions included in his bill.

“Plenty of exceptions when it comes to agriculture use, if it’s for the purpose of search and rescue, things that you would think would make sense as an exception.”

The other drone regulation law signed by the governor would prohibit the public from flying drones above schools or jails and prisons. The White House is also implementing rules that allow drones less than 55 pounds to fly up to 100 miles per hour and 400 feet high within the view of the operator. Claitor says he doesn’t expect to file any more legislation on the issue.

“The federal government has finally stepped in on this issue and is providing some regulations so it might not be necessary, but it’s on people’s radar so to speak.”

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