The Governor's Wife - Cancelled?
Posted on 11/11/2013 3:56:00 PM.

It's possible that after just three weeks, The Governor's Wife has been cancelled by A&E and no new episodes will be made. The show was scheduled to air Sunday night, but instead the network ran the remaining episodes about former governor Edwin Edwards and wife Trina that morning. John Maginnis of offers his analysis.

"I couldn't find anyone IN Louisiana who liked it so I couldn't imagine that it was playing in Peoria or anywhere else it needed to get an audience," Maginnis said.

Maginnis says he thought the show was going to be centered around the quick witted Edwin Edwards instead of Trina. But he says he doesn't even think there is any appeal to a show about an 86 year old ex politician and his young wife.

"I guess the show had a lot of flaws to deal with but to their credit they got it on the air," laughed Maginnis. "They have a book of DVDs they can watch as much as they want."

A&E's website says The Governor's Wife airs at 9pm on Sunday nights, but on November 10th a rerun of Duck Dynasty played in that spot. When Trina's show first aired, about 35,000 people reportedly stopped watching after the first episode.

Maginnis doesn't think Edwin would care one way or the other if the show was no more.

"But anything for his wife he loves so there you go," Maginnis said. "I don't think reality TV was exactly appealing to him, but if the money's good and the wife is happy, what are you gonna do?"
Trina denies the show is being cancelled and says they are working on a move but she can not discuss the details.

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