Coastal Restoration Advocates to march from Grand Isle to Governor's Mansion
Posted on 6/18/2014 11:12:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
A group of environmentalists are planning a march from Grand Isle to the Governor's Mansion to protest new legislation that nullifies a lawsuit against oil companies for coastal damages. Gov. Bobby Jindal signed SB 469 into law. Mike Stagg, a march organizer, says they want to get the word out about the importance of coastal restoration.

"About three weeks ago, Grand Isle has been identified as a place in North America with the fastest land subsidence and the fastest sea level increase," said Stagg. "So we decided to go to Grand Isle, bring some Gulf water, and then we'll walk through all these communities that the Governor is consigning to just slip into the Gulf."

Stagg says the march will begin Saturday and conclude on June 28th.

He says about five of them will start the walk and they will be taking about 2 gallons of Gulf water with them.

"And we're going to walk it up LA 1 for the next 8 days until we reach Baton Rouge," said Stagg. "Then we're going to ceremoniously dump it across the street from the Governor's Mansion."

Stagg says they've invited people from across the state to join them when they arrive in Baton Rouge next Saturday at 1pm.

He says they will be walking a total of 192 hours from the time they leave Grand Isle till they reach their destination in Baton Rouge.

"We lose a football field of wetlands every hour," says Stagg. "So we're going to lose 192 feet of wetlands from the time we leave Grand Isle to the time we get to the Governor's Mansion."

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