CSU Hurricane Forecast Team still calling for an above-average season
Posted on 8/2/2013 8:18:00 AM.
The long-range hurricane forecast team at Colorado State has reduced its forecast numbers slightly, but they still predict an above-average season with 18 named storms. Phil Klotzbach says their revised forecast calls for eight hurricanes and three of those will be major storms, which is a slight reduction from their June forecast.

"We've seen a little bit of cooling of the tropical Atlantic waters than what we thought would occur," Klotzbach said. "Generally, warm water is more fuel for storms. It also tends to be associated with a more stable atmosphere. We've already seen that this year." 
Four named storms have formed this year, so based on the Colorado State Forecast team, we'll see 14 more storms. Klotzbach says there's also a 40-percent chance a major hurricane will hit the Gulf Coast this year. 
"For the state of Louisiana, an average year it's 12-percent, but this year it's 16-percent," Klotzbach said.
As of right now the tropics are relatively quiet. 
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