LRN Gubernatorial Q&A series: TOPS scholarship program
Posted on 7/27/2015 3:41:00 AM.
In Louisiana Radio Network's ongoing gubernatorial Q&A we asked the major candidates about the TOPS scholarship program.  We posed the question, if elected, what changes would you propose to ensure TOPS can remain a successful program?  

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says reasonable reform is needed to preserve the program and the bill passed by the legislature this year is a responsible way to do that.
"It caps the award at the present level but allows the legislature to authorize additional payments instead of the automatic increases that now apply whenever tuition goes up."

State Representative John Bel Edwards says it may be necessary to control the costs of the program by de-linking the program from automatic tuition increases.

"The result would still be a very generous program that would cover at least 90% of the cost of tuition, but it may be necessary to limit this cost in order to preserve the program itself." 

Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle says, if elected, he would work with legislators to find innovative ways to sustain the program.  Angelle says he would propose a budget that fully funds scholarships.

"I'm confident that the legislature will always support a fully funded TOPS program because, clearly, it stands on its own merit.  It produces among the highest return on investment on our tax dollars."

US Senator David Vitter says he would support whatever is necessary to keep the popular TOPS Scholarship program viable and sustained for the future.

"It's been very successful, including in helping keep some of our best and brightest right here in Louisiana," said Vitter.
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