NOPD: Loaded gun found in Will Smith's vehicle
Posted on 4/12/2016 6:14:00 PM.

A recent discovery could change the whole dynamic of the Will Smith murder case. Police say a loaded 9mm gun was found in the former-Saints defensive end’s vehicle. Legal analyst Chick Foret says this could help alleged shooter Cardell Hayes’ defense that he was not the aggressor.

“The Defense Attorney, John Fuller, has been saying that since Sunday. The NOPD was evasive at best,” Foret said.

Surveillance video also shows that a hit and run that took place prior to the shooting appears to be Smith rear-ending Hayes before driving off. Foret says there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the circumstances of the incident, especially now that we know there was a gun in Smith’s vehicle.

“We don’t know where the gun was. Was it accessible? Certainly it’s a whole different set of facts if it was in the glove compartment and it was locked. Was it under the seat? Was it on the seat?” Foret said.

There were a lot of witnesses that night, and Foret says their testimony, and possibly videos, will be key in figuring out what really happened. Foret says the perspective on the situation may continue to change as more evidence comes to light.

“We actually found out that there was a third gun. There was another gun in Mr. Hayes’ vehicle. So there are a lot of facts yet to be determined,” Foret said.

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