Healthy supply of Christmas trees even after dry summer
Posted on 11/27/2015 12:43:00 PM.

Even with the dry summer, the supply of real Christmas Trees in Louisiana is still plenty. Christmas Tree Farmer Clark Gernon, owner of Shady Pond Tree Farm in Pearl River, says the trees are fine, just not as tall as they typically would be.

“When we get dry conditions they just go dormant and wait until soil moisture levels come up. When it does, they begin to grow again.”

Gernon advises those searching for a tree to make sure you check the height of the display area before purchasing a Christmas tree. He says also measure the width to ensure it fits in your home.

“There are lots of homes out there with high ceilings and if you put the tree in that touches the ceiling, you won’t be able to walk in the room. So be careful with width, as well as height.”

Gernon says for the past 10 years, 70% of trees that leave his farm are Leyland Cypress Leighton Green trees. He says the shape of the tree is almost perfect.

“The color is a very deep, rich green, it’s just an excellent tree.”

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