House approves two more pro-life measures
Posted on 4/28/2016 7:12:00 PM.

The House has approved two more pro-life measures. One of the bills, authored by Baton Rouge Representative Rick Edmonds, prohibits women from getting abortions just because a child will have a genetic disorder. Edmonds says his son was born with a disorder, and if he’d taken medical advice, he wouldn’t have his grandchildren today.

“If I would’ve taken the medical advice, my son would’ve never become an adult. My son is an amazing blessing, and so are thousands of those across Louisiana that we’re blessed with,” Edmonds said.

Edmonds says life is hard, and women shouldn’t be able to abort their babies just because it would be easier.

“We’re basically saying that all these children ultimately have no purpose, they have no meaning,” Edmonds said.

Edmond’s bill passed 75-1. Another proposal by Bossier City Representative Mike Johnson would outlaw a procedure commonly used in second trimester abortions. Johnson calls these “dismemberment” abortions and says every year more than a thousand unborn children are aborted through this “barbaric” process.

“The child is alive during this torturous process dies bleeding out during its dismemberment, as any of us would if your arm or your leg were ripped off,” Johnson says.

Johnson’s bill was approved unanimously. Opponents of the measure say outlawing this procedure would force women to undergo invasive, unnecessary procedures or lose access to abortion services entirely. Both measure now head to the Senate.

Rick Edmonds, Mike Johnson, anti-abortion bills

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