New survey shows only 32-percent of American households own firearms
Posted on 3/10/2015 11:37:00 AM.
According to a new General Social Survey, 32-percent of Americans either own a firearm or live in a household with firearms.  That figure ties the record low set in 2010.  

However, Wade Duty, co-owner of Precision Firearms in Baton Rouge, says the report can be misleading because they base their report on a percentage of households.
"If you just do the math, there are more people now than there were in 2010 or the 1970s or 80s.  Even if it were true that the overall percentage was down, simply because you have more people, the overall number of living human beings owning firearms is definitely up."

Duty says his sales are up about 11-percent from the same month last year.  Duty adds that there is a possibility that some the people surveyed may have not been completely truthful about owning a gun.

"People purchase firearms for personal protection and that's something that definitely is a relevant concern that you do not want to advertise all of your various protective measures."

Data from the FBI shows an increase in the number of background checks being run, which indicates that the number of firearms being purchased is going up.  The survey does show a shrinking gender gap in gun ownership.  Duty says he has noticed the increase in women who are seeking to purchase firearms.

"That's our fastest growing segment and, additionally, we see them well represented in concealed carry classes and individual one-on-one training, too." 
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