HUD Secretary Carson visits Denham Springs a year after the flood
Posted on 8/15/2017 5:45:00 AM.

Members of Louisiana's Congressional delegation and the governor toured Denham Springs with HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson Monday, and praised him for efforts in cutting red tape during flood recovery. Carson says he is very pleased and impressed with the progress south Louisiana has made since last August.

“There is no question that the money that has been allocated is going to be well spent here.”

Although he says the money allocated will be well spent for flood recovery, Carson acknowledges regulations could be improved.

“There still remains a lot of hurdles in the system that slow down the process. I was just in the home of some people who were affected, still a lot of work could be done in their home.”

Carson says even with all the natural disasters the Bayou State faces, Louisianans are resilient. He says as a nation, we can grow and improve from the experiences here.

“Because there is a lot of knowledge here that can be spread around to the rest of the country. We can learn from triumphs, we can learn from mistakes.”

Ben Carson, Denham Springs, The Great Flood 2016

Provided by ABC News

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