Coach Hudspeth apologizes for anti-Trump rap video of players filled with profanities
Posted on 11/14/2016 5:33:00 PM.

UL-Lafayette head football coach Mark Hudspeth publicly apologized for the behavior of four of his players who were recorded in the locker room singing a rap song filled with vulgarities that says negative things about President-elect Donald Trump. Hudspeth says these young men have shown remorse for their actions.

“This obviously does not reflect our entire team, coaches and program. I do take full responsibility of the actions in the locker room and did a poor job of ensuring that a healthy environment was promoted there.”

Hudspeth says experience is the hardest teacher because it gives you the test first and the lessons after. He says they have taken steps to ensure the locker room breeds an environment of discipline, relaxation and comfort.

“One is that the players’ music will now be played by our video department in the common areas, they will no longer have the ability to play the music through their phones although we are not taking away their privilege to listen to whatever music they’d like through their headphones.”

Hudspeth says the team will also partake in one-thousand hours of community service by visiting every middle school and high school in Acadiana.

“To talk to their players so hopefully we can keep them from maybe making a similar mistake one day. So we want to talk to them about some things we have learned from this and hopefully we can take to them, such as the importance of your image, the importance of representing your school, your family name, the dos and don’ts of social media.”

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