NOAA predicts active 2018 Atlantic hurricane season
Posted on 5/24/2018 11:56:00 AM.
The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season should be an active one, according to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. Lead hurricane forecaster, Dr. Gerry Bell says there is a 75 percent chance that the upcoming season will be near- or above-normal.
“Well we are predicting 10 to 16 tropical storms, the average is 12, and we are also predicting 5 to 9 hurricanes. We are expecting a near-average season.”
Dr. Bell explains there’s a lot of factors that went into this year’s predictions including the possibility that a weak El Nino may increase the number of hurricanes.

“One of those climate factors is the El Nino-La Nina cycle. El Nino acts to increase the wind shear, which suppresses hurricanes. Its counterpart, La Nina, reduces the wind shear and favors a lot more hurricanes.”

The NOAA says the severity Atlantic hurricane seasons have been steadily increasing since 1995 and the impacts have not been limited to coastal communities. Dr. Bell says more people should get ready for this upcoming hurricane season.

“So now is the time to start preparing. The threat from hurricanes are not just for the near coastal communities, there are over 80 million people between the Atlantic coast and Gulf coast that could be impacted by a hurricane.”

NOAA will issue another seasonal outlook in early August, right before the peak of the season.

NOAA, 2018 hurricane season

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