International tourism increasing in Louisiana
Posted on 12/3/2014 3:11:00 AM.
Tourism leaders are looking to capitalize on the increasing trend of international tourists visiting Louisiana.  Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says they have been very aggressive in marketing Louisiana to international visitors and those efforts are definitely paying off.

"Last year we saw international visitation increase by 18-percent, which was the largest percentage increase in the country for any state.  And going forward, we're going to continue those efforts."

Dardenne says there are an increasing number of visitors from Brazil and Australia coming to Louisiana and there will be an effort to get more tourist from those countries to come to the Bayou State.

"Reacting to their growing interest in Louisiana, we feel like we can capture that market a little bit more effectively."

The top four international markets for Louisiana tourism are Canada, UK, Germany, and France.  Dardenne says international tourists are great for Louisiana because they typically stay longer and spend more money...

"Every dollar a visitor spends in Louisiana is a dollar that our taxpayers are not having to pay.  And it's creating more and more jobs in a very growing and prosperous industry."

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