Jindal says he's open to making changes to controversial teacher tenure law
Posted on 2/6/2014 2:17:00 PM.
Talks are underway between Governor Bobby Jindal, school superintendents and the Louisiana Federation of Teachers about making changes to the teacher tenure law passed in 2012. LFT president Steve Monaghan hopes the result is a fair system for teachers to appeal firings.

"That's what we wanted when the act was introduced," Monaghan says. "That's the portion of the act that we're really talking about. The due process aspect of it."

The 2012 legislation, also known as Act 1, makes it difficult for teachers to achieve tenure.

Monaghan says a teacher should also get a fair review if they are accused of wrong-doing or incompetency.

He says he's glad the Jindal Administration is open to discussions.

"There is an opportunity for some meaningful correction," said Monaghan. "And I will withhold my organization's position on it other than to say we hope something will be forthcoming."

LFT had a part in filing a lawsuit that challenged the constitutionality of Act 1 and a district judge in Baton Rouge ended up ruling in favor of the unions saying the law bundled too many items into one.

Monaghan says while they are having conversations with the Governor about the changes, nothing has been made official yet.

"If the desire is to produce legislation that truly fulfills the goals that the Governor's office is expressing in these conversations," Monaghan says. "Then that provides great hope."
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